Caricature Entertainment For Any Event!

Caricature Entertainment For Any Event!

Caricature Entertainment For Any Event! Caricature Entertainment For Any Event! Caricature Entertainment For Any Event!

Get Your face drawn!


Party Entertainment

Like to PARTY? Looking for something DIFFERENT? Call DREW'Z CARTOONZ! Live caricature drawings are GREAT FOR ANY EVENT.  Caricatures are spontaneous illustrations that exaggerate or “cartoonize” the individual’s features. Guests will get a drawing that captures their distinctive like-ness resulting in a unique piece of art and go home with a memory! No matter what kind of gathering you’re planning, Drew'z Cartoonz caricature services can make it even more fun!


How It Works

Clients have 2 options: 

Traditional Sit and Draw: 

Guests are seated in front of the artist and drawn. Minimum 7-10 minutes of seating. 2 or more people in one picture seating time may vary. 

Snap and Go:

 Artist snaps  a picture of guest(s) and they can pick up their drawing at the end of the evening or throughout the party. This makes the event go smoothly and you  won't miss a minute!

Note: All drawings are done in full color on 9 x 12 sized Bristol paper and provided with a plastic protector sheet. At least 10 people drawn within the hour. 


About Drew'z Cartoonz

Established by owner and artist Andrew Traficante "Drew'z Cartoonz" specializes in caricature artwork with an

accurate portrait-like resemblance. Drew'z passion for art is the foundation of  this business. What makes Drew stand out from other artists is his firm grasp of anatomy, with the ability to pick out distinguishing features in each subject. It is critical that the final outcome resembles the model being drawn. He provides the necessary skills, such as observation, communication, and humor. 

From years of practice he is very comfortable being in the spotlight. Before starting his entertainment service, drawing faces was just a way of exploring his artistic side. Years later, he is now occupying the entire New York State bringing joy to those who encounter his work.  He states " Life is about having fun and I am a humorous individual. If I can bring a smile to one person out of 100 with my art, I've done my job. Getting a "WOW" reaction from people especially the rough crowd type, is most rewarding." Drew uses his artistic talent in many ways including teaching drawing classes of all ages and donating his time to non-profit organizations, some including raising the awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, Animal Rescue, Child Abduction, Families in poverty and Cancer. 


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